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This site is for everyone; whether you have a casual or a more direct interest. Vasculitis UK is run by people with vasculitis for people with vasculitis and for their families and carers. So please explore our website fully and if you cannot find what you are looking for, try our Google Custom Search (top Right) or check out the Sitemap or contact us. We are always happy to learn how we can do better!

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These pages are not just for people with vasculitis but for everyone to share and learn from, such as:-

Vasculitis UK - Registered Charity No. 1019983 - since 1992

About our aims and our website

Our aims are to help educate people with vasculitis about their illness, to raise general awareness and to improve diagnosis and treatment of vasculitis. We work on the philosophy that knowledge of their illness empowers patients to have control of the disease and its treatment.

The clinical information you will find here is derived from reliable medical sources.

We are particularly indebted to:

Dr Matt Morgan (Senior Lecturer in Renal Medicine) and to Professor Lorraine Harper (Professor of Nephrology) at Birmingham University Hospitals, UK.

Also to

Dr Paul Brogan - Dr Marcos Martinez delPero - Dr Catherine Guly - Dr David Jayne - Professor Charles Pusey and Dr Richard Watts for additional medical information.

In addition some of the content is from the personal experiences of those with vasculitis.


Revised Guidelines for the Treatment of Adult AAV

15 Apr 2014

Guidelines published in Rheumatology April 2014

My Condition - My DNA

14 Apr 2014

Genetic Alliance UK invite you to participate in this new and exciting project

Participate in Vasculitis Research

31 Mar 2014

Your chance to volunteer to participate in vasculitis clinical studies


Dawn Read Skydives in Norfolk

19 Apr 2014

Skydiving to support a colleague and raise funds for V-UK

Jessica Does a "Bag Pack" for Vasculitis UK

26 Apr 2014

Jessica (aged 13) and her friends are packing bags in Morrisons

West Country VSG Informal Lunch

27 Apr 2014

Come and enjoy lunch with Charlotte and friends at the Barn Owl

Important - London (North) VSG - Change of Date

27 Apr 2014

Please note the change of date - now 27th April

David and Hunstanton Church fundraise for V-UK

04 May 2014

Raising awareness and funds in Vasculitis Awarness Month

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