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Whether you are a patient, carer or medical professional you will find a wealth of accurate and up to date information here, all derived from reliable sources.

In the About Vasculitis section you will find information on each of the vasculitic diseases together with treatment and side effects. In addition there are sections on the management of pain and frequently asked questions. The Living with Vasculitis section has details about government benefits, health services, fertility, children with vasculitis and lots more. The Professionals section includes the recommended guidelines for treating both adult and paediatric vasculitis and also for pain management.

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These pages are not just for people with vasculitis but for everyone to share and learn from, such as:-


Vasculitis UK Christmas Cards - Now Available

16 Oct 2014

Two exclusive designs commissioned by V-UK

NICE chief says NHS patients should be more pushy

02 Oct 2014

"Patients should be more assertive to get the treatment they need"

New DCVAS research study: Join now

29 Sep 2014

An international study to improve diagnosis of vasculitis


Cambridge Vasculitis Support Group Meeting

08 Nov 2014

Dr David Jayne will be the guest speaker at this important group meeting

Marios Kakos enters the Athens Marathon

09 Nov 2014

Marios joins in "A real city celebration"

Robin Larner Runs in the Richmond Virginia Marathon

15 Nov 2014

Ex-pat Robin runs in memory of his late brother-in-law

Lyndsay Challoner Parachutes for Paul

15 Nov 2014

Helping raise funds for vasculitis research

Hayley Proctor's Pink Collar Boxing

15 Nov 2014

Hayley boxes in memory of her mum

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