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Whether you are a patient, carer or medical professional you will find a wealth of accurate and up to date information here, all derived from reliable sources.

In the About Vasculitis section you will find information on each of the vasculitic diseases together with treatment and side effects. In addition there are sections on the management of pain and frequently asked questions. The Living with Vasculitis section has details about government benefits, health services, fertility, children with vasculitis and lots more. The Professionals section includes the recommended guidelines for treating both adult and paediatric vasculitis and also for pain management.

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These pages are not just for people with vasculitis but for everyone to share and learn from, such as:-

Vasculitis Patient Symposium 2015


New Carers Support Group

28 Nov 2015

Vasculitis patient carers support group meeting 28th November

Rare Disease Patient Network (News from Wales)

20 Oct 2015

News from Wales (Rare Disease UK)

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS - 9th Arthritis and Connective Tissue Disease Conference

16 Sep 2015

Day to Day Living with Arthritis and Connective tissue Disease


Clare is fundraising for Vasculitis UK

04 Sep 2015

Clare is shaving her hair for her Mum

Leicester Vasculitis Support Group meeting

05 Sep 2015

Leicester vasculitis support group meeting

Cycling the Wiltshire Big Wheel

06 Sep 2015

Jackie Peck is cycling the Wiltshire Big Wheel

John O'Groats to Land's End Challenge

10 Sep 2015

960 miles in 7 days

Gower Ultra 50 mile run

10 Sep 2015

Jill Tuck is running the Gower Ultra 50 mile run

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