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Vasculitis UK AGM - a reflective view in photos

17 Jun 2017

The AGM was held on the 14th May in Derby and was well attended by 70 people.

Dr Jackie Andrews from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust gave a presentation discussing ERNs (European Reference Networks), Vasculitis Research at Leeds University Hospital and the AVACOPAN trial.

Dr Jeremy Royle, Nottingham QE, discussed his recent trip to the Annual International Vasculitis Conference in Japan and his latest research study "Oral Cyclophosphamide v IV Cyclophosphamide".

Dr Peter Lanyon, Nottingham QE, President British Society for Rheumatology Society, discussed the new Rare Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease Alliance ( BSR, SRUK, Lupus UK & VUK ) and Raising Standards of Care in Vasculitis.

Dr Fiona Pearce, Derby Hospitals, discussed her latest research into "Delays in Diagnosis of ANCA Vasculitis". ( Conclusion was that delayed diagnosis did not occur mainly in primary care but in the secondary, hospital setting ) Fiona has now been given substantial funding by ARUK to follow up this important research which was initially funded by VUK.

John, Jackie and Fiona Battling the IT

John, Jackie and Fiona Battling the IT

Face Book friends finally meet

Face Book friends finally meet!

Dr Peter Lanyon

Dr Peter Lanyon

Dr Jackie Andrews

Dr Jackie Andrews

Dr Jeremy Royle

Dr Jeremy Royle

Dr Fiona Pearce

Dr Fiona Pearce

Vasculitis UK Chairman, John Mills

Vasculitis UK Chairman, John Mills

AGM in progress AGM in progress

The AGM in progress

Networking between sessions Networking between sessions

Networking between sessions

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South Wales Support Group

03 Feb 2018

Sat 3rd Feb in Porthcawl

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17 Mar 2018

Joing the Northwest Support Group for a coffee

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