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An App to Support Vasculitis Patients and Research

21 Sep 2017

A new App called patientMpower is available for Vasculitis patients. It offers personalised tips on staying well, help with medication adherence, a place for storing health data (such as blood pressure, blood results) and a means of enhancing patient-physician interactions.

There are versions for iOS (iPhone, iPad etc) and Android, and while the features vary a bit (step-counting is only applicable to mobiles, not tablet devices, for example - and for the moment only on iOS), it is still well worth exploring.

The developers write:

"We also envisage it as supporting vasculitis research, by allowing direct recording of patient reported outcomes and linkage of relapse events to environmental factors. Ultimately, we aim to provide a personalised tool to assist you and your doctor in getting the dose of immunosuppression right and in predicting relapses before they occur”

iPhone and iPad users will need the iOS version - user guide is here.

There is also an Android version - user guide is here.

When registering, selecting "Vasculitis" in the condition field. If your hospital is not present in the registration options, email with the name of your hospital and they will get it added. After registering, you can select the type of Vasculitis you have in the "profile" section.

If you need any help getting registered, setup or want information on compatible devices which work with the app, please email

As this is the first release of the app - the team would love your feedback on how to make it better. Please email with any suggestions or improvements or content you would like to see included.

At a later stage the team will look for your consent to have your (anonymised) data included in the AVERT research program, being run by Prof Mark Little of Trinity College Dublin and Prof Alan Salama at University College London.

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