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Travel Bursaries for the 19th Vasculitis ANCA Workshop

13 Jan 2019

Travel Bursaries have been awarded to six applicants who are attending the 19th International Vasculitis ANCA Workshop, April 7-10th 2019 in Philadelphia, PA

Dr Kavita Gulati Academic Clinical Fellow (ST4)Nephrology Hammersmith Hospital London

Dr Emma Leacy PhD Student St James Hospital Dublin

Dr Maria Prendecki Academic Clinical Lecturer Imperial College London

Dr Aisling Ui Mhaonaigh PhD Student Trinity College Dublin

Dr Mark E McCluren Vasculitis Research Fellow Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge

Dr Jennifer Scott Specialist Nephrologist Registrar Trinity College Dublin

We hope that Aisling, Emma, Jennifer, Kavita, Maria and Mark will offer us their impressions of the Philadelphia conference in a future newsletter and hopefully share the results of their research at future support group meetings and the newsletter.

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