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Vasculitis Research Funding 2019

29 Aug 2019

This year, Vasculitis UK are delighted to announce that the following applicants received funding for their exciting projects whose aims mirror Vasculitis UK’s priorities as set out in our research strategy:

1. TARGET Consortium GCAT Biobank - £49,473

Ann Morgan on behalf of Target Consortium (Co-applicants; Dr Sarah Mackie, Dr Charlotte Harden & Prof. Raashid Luqmani)

This three year project brings together the University of Oxford and Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Medicine. They plan to launch a dedicated biobank for the GCAT (Giant Cell Arteritis Tocilizumab) Registry and to conduct preliminary investigations using these samples. By taking the opportunity to collect and store samples taken from participants in this unique and timely Registry, they will have access to tissue for ethically approved pathogenesis and personalised medicine studies of GCA, making research faster and more cohesive, and bringing greater benefits to patients.

2. Investigation of ANCA-driven Pro-lnflammatorySignalling in Human Monocytes - €49,936

Dr Gareth Brady and Prof. Mark Little

This one year project based at St James’ Hospital will seek to understand how MPO autoantibodies drive the complex, tightly regulated signalling pathways leading to IL-1ß release and to develop inhibitors of its release toprovide an exciting window into the ways antibodies can drive the pathology of autoimmune vasculitis, whilst offering new tools for therapeutic intervention in a specific, targeted manner without the current requirement for global immunosuppression.

3. Utilising a novel data source and national registration to improve patient care, outcomes, and enhance clinical research in Takayasu’s arteritis - £47,996

Dr Fiona Pearce – Dr Matthew Grainge – Prof. Justin Mason – Dr Peter Lanyon

Bringing together the University of Nottingham, Imperial College London and Nottingham University Hospital, this one year project looks at utilising a novel data source and national registration to improve patient care, outcomes, and enhance clinical research in Takayasu’sarteritis, the award will allow them to employ a research manager for 1 year to undertake the research.

Laura Whitty (Awards Administrator)

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Vasculitis Research Funding 2019

29 Aug 2019

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