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Clarry Bean’s Christmas Single supports Vasculitis UK

28 Sep 2018

In our Spring newletter tribute was paid to Christine Bean, who passed away in December 2017. Now her husband Clarry, along with family and friends, has recorded a song in her honour which will be released on Friday 7th December, in time for Christmas. 25% of all proceeds from the sale of the record will be divided equally between Prospect Hospice (where Christine spent her final weeks) and Vasculitis UK.

The single, entitled “Christmas (The Way It’s Meant To Be)” is an original song written by Clarry with a family friend, Andy Merryweather, which commemorates her in a positive and loving way. The recording features Clarry on lead vocals, with additional vocals from his son Danny and daughter Abby, as well as a backing chorus featuring many of Christine’s relatives and friends. Backed by talented musicians including co-writer Andy on piano and Wurlitzer, the song also features a string quartet.

Clarry says: “It’s a song that on first listen will resonate and connect with anyone who has lost a loved one. A song about love and bravery, a song of inspiration. Through her incredible attitude my beautiful wife inspired so many people: family, friends and medical professionals alike. It is our hope that this song will also have a positive impact on the lives of people who hear it and engage with the words, and that Christine’s spirit will be carried far and wide by its message. And of course we hope to raise a significant amount of money for the hospice and VUK.”

The CD version of the single features an exclusive second track, which is a remixed version of Christine’s 2007 recording of Sting’s “Fields of Gold”. It is particularly poignant that her singing was captured for all to hear, as for the last few months of her life she lost her voice completely, and was only able to communicate by whispering.

For further information, including a preview of the song and details of how to order or download a copy of “Christmas (The Way It’s Meant To Be)”, visit

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