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Vasculitis UK Research Strategy

As a small charity, and where income is purely from voluntary donations, it is not feasible for it to fund large-scale projects or many projects simultaneously. However, the charity will consider larger projects where Vasculitis UK is a partial funder and encourages collaboration.

Vasculitis UK has an inclusive and progressive ethos, working through the best science and with research being peer reviewed. Realistically, research into finding a cure for vasculitic diseases is not a practical priority. The Charity has consulted widely with patients, Health professionals and researchers before producing a new comprehensive Research Strategy

It is anticipated that there will be an annual call for research applications and that in future applications for funding will be via this call only.

Vasculitis UK are not seeking research applications at present. We closed our most recent Call For Research Proposals on 31 January 2019: future calls will be announced here.

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