Help to fight against Covid-19

In News by John Geddes

Sign up to the COVIDENCE UK Study and contribute to the fight against coronavirus.

A team of doctors, scientists, public health specialists and health economists from six universities – Queen Mary University & Kings College, London, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Edinburgh & Swansea Universities and Queen’s University, Belfast – have joined together in a national study investigating how long-standing medical conditions like vasculitis and other factors like diet & lifestyle may interact to influence susceptibility to coronavirus disease and its complications.

The national study goes under the title “Covidence UK”. This might lead to simple modifications to these factors which could reduce the risk of coronavirus disease while we wait for a vaccine. As some vasculitis patients are at increased risk of coronavirus, this study may be of special relevance.

The researchers are looking to recruit a broad mix of people from all over the UK, including those who have NOT had coronavirus infection, and those who HAVE already had proven or suspected coronavirus infection.

The study will involve filling in an on-line questionnaire to collect information about your lifestyle, diet, long- standing conditions and prescribed treatment. Completion takes 30-60 minutes. After that, you will be contacted monthly via email to report possible symptoms of coronavirus disease. The data you provide will be linked to your medical records, to allow the study team to investigate whether coronavirus infection may affect long-term health. For further information, please visit the study website.