Rare Disease Day 2021

In Previous Events by John Geddes

Rare Disease Day is February 28th 2021.

There are  300 million people living with a rare disease around the world and their families face common challenges in their daily lives. There are over 6000 rare diseases that are chronic, progressive, degenerative, disabling and often life threatening.

Due to the rarity of each individual disease and scattered populations, expertise and information is scarce. In health systems designed for common diseases patients face inequities in accessing diagnosis, care and treatments.

During this latest COVID19 Lockdown it will be impossible to organise face-to-face fundraising events to raise awareness of Vasculitis. BUT it is possible to raise awareness via Social Media  eg:- Facebook and Twitte.

We have Vasculitis/Rare Disease logos, Facebook profile and headers graphics all available to download/copy via the Facebook Vasculitis U.K. Timeline – created by Zoi.