Patient Symposium 2015 and Vasculitis 2015 Conference

Memories and recollections of the 17th International Vasculitis Conference and Vasculitis Patient Symposium 2015

The 17th International Vasculitis Workshop "Vasculitis 2015" was held in London. To mark the occasion, Vasculitis UK with support from the VF, PMRGCA, and the LCTF hosted a "Vasculitis Patient Symposium".

Vasculitis 2015

The Vasculitis 2015 Workshop was a multidisciplinary and multiprofessional conference, and importantly included contributions from patients. The workshop gave all 500+ medical professionals who attended, the opportunity to hear about the latest advances in the field of vasculitis, and to network with other healthcare professionals and scientists. This Vasculitis Workshop is a bi-annual event and the next workshop in 2017 will be held in Japan.

Dr David Jayne - The importance of Peer to Peer Support

Dr Mike Venning with Kate Gilbert Chairman of PMRGCA

John Mills Chairman of Vasculitis UK - Medical History

Kimberly-LCTF, Joyce-VF, Susan and John-VUK - Vasculitis 2015

John -VUK, Peter-Netherlands Vasculitis Support - Vasculitis 2015

John Mills: Chairman of Vasculitis UK and Patient Representative

John Mills: Retired Dentist - Chairman of Vasculitis UK - Vasculitis Patient

John Mills: Chairman of Vasculitis UK - On holiday, still working for Vasculitis UK (shaded from the sun)

Vasculitis Patient Symposium 2015

This is the first time such an event has been run alongside the international medical conference. This was a unique opportunity for people with vasculitis and their family members to meet others from around the UK to discuss problems, share experiences and interact with some of the top vasculitis experts from around the world.

Jane, Clarry, Christine, John, Sue, Gareth and Susan "Team V" Volunteers on the day

Introductions with John Grant and Dr Prete Lanyon

Delegates making themselves comfortable

A session in progress

Group photos of all the delegates who attended the Patient Symposium

Winston the Vasculits Awareness Bear supporting the Symposium

Dave from "Innov8 Conference Services" filming the day

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Vasculitis Renal and Respiratory Training Day - Hammersmith Hospital

30 Jul 2019

RUDY Study

29 Oct 2015

A study in rare diseases of the bones, joints and blood vessels.

Cortisone (Steroid) Information Website

13 Jan 2014

A new indepth website publishing information about steroids for patients

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