Continuing or Discontinuing your prescribed Medication.

The official general view is that you should continue taking the prescribed medication for your vasculitis.  This is a difficult “balancing act” for your doctor(s).   If you do become infected, the virus may have a worse effect if you are immune suppressed.  However if you stop your immune suppressing drugs your vasculitis may relapse, in which case you will certainly be at significantly greater risk if you also catch the virus.

Patients must not suddenly stop prednisolone.

Patients can continue hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine if they are infected with coronavirus.

Patients taking Hydroxychloroquine for their vasculitis can continue taking it, even if they become infected with the virus

If a patient is infected with coronavirus, they should temporarily stop their conventional DMARD and biological therapy. They should contact their rheumatology service for further advice about when to restart treatment.