Lecture in Dublin

In Previous News by John Geddes

‘Environmental triggers of autoimmune disease – from Air to Cell’: a public lecture in the TBSI Tercentenary lecture theatre in Dublin at 6.30pm on Monday 25th November.

The host will be Professor Mark Little, TCD – Professor of Nephrology and Consultant Nephrologist at Trinity College Dublin / Tallaght University and Beaumont Hospitals.

Prof Little will introduce Prof. Xavier Rodó Lopez, ISGlobal, speaking at the launch of the HELICAL research project.

This lecture is targeted at members of the public, healthcare professionals and scientists interested in learning more about the way in which data science can be used to link climate and health to uncover the reasons that people develop autoimmune disease. 

HELICAL is an MSCA innovative training network in the field of Healthcare Data Linkage in the artificial intelligence and GDPR era, coordinated by Prof. Mark Little, TCD.

HELICAL exploits recent advances in data science to link research datasets with longitudinal healthcare records to address key experimental questions.

Prof. Rodó Lopez is the primary supervisor on the research project ‘Atmospheric monitoring and time series analysis of climate and pollution impact on vasculitis onset’ in the HELICAL network. He will discuss his work on the effects of atmospheric physical and chemical determinants in vasculitis such as Kawasaki disease.

Free Tickets are available online.