5 years in operation and growing rapidly
8,000 vasculitis patients registered

UKIVAS Registry co-chairs: Richard Watts and Mark Little


As vasculitis is a rare disease we need to link many hospitals together to assemble a group large enough to allow us to ask and answer important questions about what causes the disease, who is likely to relapse, who we can stop treatment on, and what the best treatment is. With generous support from Vasculitis UK and Kidney Research UK the UKIVAS Registry was designed to achieve this across the British Isles.

After a slow but steady initial recruitment, the number getting involved has accelerated and as of November 2021 there were 76 active data collection sites (in NHS hospitals in the UK as well as hospitals in the Republic of Ireland) with over 8,000 patients recruited to the study and approximately 100 cases recruited each month. – making this probably the largest such registry in the world.

Thank you to the teams at all our sites for your continuing support.