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The score * to ***** is a subjective score to the possible relevance for the lay reader/patient.

BSR and BHPR Guidelines for the management of adults with ANCA associated vasculitis (Rheumatology

2014 – Revision of the 2006 Guidelines with a target audience including rheumatologists, general physicians and specialists who may come across vasculitis in the course of their work. Also specialist registrars in training, nurse practitioners dealing with vasculitis and primary care physicians. (****)

Paediatric Guidelines

2012 – Vasculitis Paediatric Guidelines from the Oxford Handbook of Paediatric Rheumatology (with permission from OUP). Oxford specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics, Paediatric Rheumatology edited by Helen Foster and Paul A Brogan. (****) Paediatric Guidelines

Recommendations on the use of Rituximab in ANCA-associated Vasculitis

2012 – Advisory document on the use of Rituximab. (****) Recommendations on the use of Rituximab

General approaches to the diagnosis and management of vasculitis

2009 – A comprehensive guide to identification, cause, treatment and prognosis of all forms of vasculitis including photographic illustrations. (***) Keywords: ANCA, Giant Cell Arteritis, Microscopic Polyangiitis, Wegener’s Granulomatosis.

Infection and Vasculitis

2009 – A summary of the inter-relationship between vasculitis and infection and the physiopathological mechanisms involved in light of current knowledge from animal models. (*) Keywords: Infection, Vasculitis, Autoimmune, Immune mechanism, animal model.

Review of anti-infective prophylaxis in vasculitis

2009 – A summary of research results available concerning patients with primary systematic Vasculitis and risk factors concerning the use of anti-infective prophylaxis. (**)

Large Vessel Diseases

2009 – An educational review of large vessel vasculitis focussing chiefly on the disease in children. Includes some comparisons of the variations of the disease affecting different ethnic groups. (**) Keywords: Hypertension, Idiopathic aorto-arteritis, Takayasu arteritis.

Giant Cell/Temporal Arteritis

2011 – Educational Review. Readers will suspect Giant Cell arteritis in older patients who present with temporal headache, visual changes and other pertinent symptoms.(****)

2008 – An article systematically reviewing the treatment options for patients with Neuro-ophthalmic and neurological complications of GCA as well as the evidence for possible adjuvant therapies for patients with GCA. (***) Keywords: Arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy, Giant Cell Arteritis, Steroids, Stroke, Temporal Arteritis.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

2011 – A brief mention of PMR within an educational review on GCA. (****)

2009 – A review analysing the results of 30 studies between 1957-2008. Taken from English language articles on Cochrane databases and MEDLINE the review includes a set of comprehensive tables. (**)

2009 – A short article comparing clinical, radiological and biochemical characteristics in three cases studied of patients with diseases mimicking PMR. (**) Keywords: Gallium-67 scintigraphy, Polymyalgia rheumatica, Pseudogout, Post-infectious polyarthritis, RS3PE syndrome.

Takayasu’s Disease

2009 – An educational review of large vessel vasculitis focussing chiefly on the disease in children. Includes some comparisons of the variations of the disease affecting different ethnic groups. (**) Keywords: Hypertension, Idiopathic aorto-arteritis, Takayasu arteritis.

Medium Vessel Diseases

2009 – An educational review of medium-size-vessel disease focussing on the occurrence of the three types of PAN, KD and cutaneous PAN in children. (**) Keywords: Vasculitis, Polyarteritis nodosa, Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa, Kawasaki disease, Child.

Systemic Polyarteritis Nodosa in the Young

2013 – Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) is a rare disease of childhood. The aims of this study were to describe the clinical features, treatment, and outcome of systemic childhood PAN and to identify predictors of relapse. (****) Systemic PAN in the Young

Management of Kawasaki’s Disease

2013 – The purpose of this article is to summarise recent advances in the understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of KD, and to provide an approach to managing KD in the UK in the light of these advances. (****) Management of Kawasaki’s Disease

Kawasaki’s Disease

2010 – Author manuscript of an acute inflammatory illness of young children, particularly in industrialized nations and predominantly in those between 6months and 5 years of age. (****) Keywords: Coronary artery aneurysms, Cytoplasmic inclusion bodies, IgA immune response, IgA plasma cells, Inclusion bodies, Intravenous immunoglobulin, Kawasaki disease, Synthetic antibodies, Vasculitis.

Small Vessel Diseases

2009 – An educational review. The clinical manifestations of small-vessel Vasculitis in children are described and current therapies discussed. Some of the rarer entities are not considered. (**) Keywords: ANCA-associated vasculitis, Child, Henoch-Schönlein purpura, Vasculitis.

2007 – A review focussing on the challenges faced by clinicians who care for patients with medium and small vessel vasculitis. (**) Keywords: Medium/Small Vessel Vasculitis, Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Treatment.

Diagnosis and management of ANCA associated vasculitis

2012 – A clinical review. To access the article requires you to sign up for a seven day free trial or to access the full text requires a subscription or payment. Abstract:

ANCA Associated Vasculitides

2010 – A review examining the current trends and future prospects for the management of ANCA-associated vasculitis. (****) Keywords: ANCA, Vasculitis, Treatment.

ANCA Associated Vasculitides: Advances in pathophysiology and treatment

2010 – A review providing an overview of recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the ANCA-associated vasculitides. With useful links to many other related sites. (****) Abstract only available on line at:

Full paper (PDF) available from John Mills (Chair) Vasculitis UK.

Churg-Strauss Syndrome

2010 – A French author article discussing the evolving concepts of Churg-Strauss Syndrome and outlining the need for the development of new therapeutics. (***)

Microscopic Polyangiitis

2010 – An author manuscript with an historical overview and epidemiology of MPA. With pathogenesis, clinical features and treatment.(**)

Wegener’s granulomatosis in childhood

2009 – A study comparing the criteria for WG as used by the ACR with those of EULAR/PRES in a cohort of children and describe the interval to diagnosis, presenting features and initial treatment. (***)

“Other” vasculitides

2009 – An educational review of relatively rare vasculitides in the common practice of paediatric nephrologists. (***) Keywords: Auto-inflammatory, Syndrome, Behcet’s disease, Fever, Vasculitis.

Behçet’s disease

2010 – A Japanese review article focussing on the role of immune reactions against oral streptococci mediated by IL-12 cytokine family in the pathogenesis of ABD. (**)

2009 – An article written by a Behçet’s patient describing his experience from the first on-set to diagnosis and treatment. Includes an article from a clinicians perspective. (*****)

Buerger’s disease/Thrombitis obliterans

2010 – A clinician update considering this disease which affects limbs and has exposure to tobacco as a central driver to its initiation, maintenance and progression. (***)

Central Nervous System Vasculitis

A group of 35 reviews and observations covering all aspects of central nervous system vasculitis. (****)

Cogan’s Syndrome

2009 – An Italian case report on a rare disorder characterized by inflammatory eye disease and vestibulo-auditory symptoms primarily affecting young white adults. (****) Keywords: Hearing loss, Interstitial Keratitis, Auto-immunity, Cogan’s Syndrome.


2008 – A review of this rare disorder which is more prevalent in Southern Europe and linked to Hepatitis C virus infection. (**)

2006 – Review summarising the classification and clinical and therapeutic aspects of cryoglobulinaemic vasculitis and glomerulonephritis. (**)

Henoch-Schönlein Purpura

2009 – An American article reviewing information about this disease which occurs mainly in children younger than ten year old. (****)

Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System

2009 – A neurological review of a very rare and difficult to diagnose form of the disease. Includes present and proposed changes to diagnostic criteria. (****)

Rheumatoid Vasculitis

2010 – Author manuscript considering a rare but serious complication of rheumatoid arthritis which recent reports have noted is declining in prevalence. (****) Keywords: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatoid Vasculitis, Epidemiology, Biologic Therapy.

Pulmonary Vasculitis

2010 – Radiological and clinical indicators to help in the diagnosis of the various forms of vasculitis. Includes radiology images of all the different forms. (****)

Renal Vasculitis

2010 – A systematic review of 22 articles conducted to determine the benefits and harms of any intervention for the treatment of renal vasculitis in adults. (*)

Fatigue: a primary contributor to impaired life in ANCA-associated vasculitis

2009 – A population-based case-control study to examine the quality of life in ANCA-associated Vasculitis. (****) Keywords: ANCA-associated vasculitis, Wegener’s granulomatosis, Microscopic polyangiitis, Churg-Strauss syndrome, Vasculitis, Quality of life, Fatigue.

Alemtuzumab (CAMPATH-1H) as Remission Induction Therapy in Behçet’s Disease

2010 – A short retrospective review of 20 patients treated with Alemtuzumab since 1998 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. (****)