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Online DiscussionThere are a number of Vasculitis UK Online Discussion Groups which are used and enjoyed by people with vasculitis and by their families.


  • HealthUnlocked is the main Vasculitis UK group for discussing vasculitis matters in a closed group where members can set their own levels of security regarding who can and can't view their posts. This is not a Facebook site, and you can apply to join at: Vasculitis UK HealthUnlocked


There are a number of Vasculitis UK groups on Facebook. To ensure that your posts are only read by members of the group our groups are "closed" (apart from the Timeline/Cause page - see below).

For the "closed" groups you need to apply to join.


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Vasculitis Ball - Reflective View - March 2017

26 May 2017

A reflective view

Vasculitis UK AGM - a reflective view in photos

25 May 2017

2017 AGM in Derby

Debbie's Delicious Cakes & Bakes Vasculitis for Vasculitis Awareness Month

12 May 2017

Debbie's Delicious Cakes & Bakes - Raise Awareness of Vasculitis May 2017


Running the Great Manchester Run

28 May 2017

Helen Critchley is running in the Great Manchester Run for Vasculitis UK

Kristina and friends are running the Edinburgh Marathon

28 May 2017

Kate and friends are running in the Edinburgh Marathon for VUK

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

28 May 2017

Four runners raising funds for VUK

Great Manchester Run Half Marathon

28 May 2017

Andrew's first Half Marathon, for VUK

Great Manchester Run

28 May 2017

Andrew Lund is running the Great Manchester Run for VUK

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