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supportVasculitis UK is a registered charity run by vasculitis patients for vasculitis patients. We know, from personal experience, that vasculitis patients and their families need help and support from those who are knowledgeable about the disease and also appreciate the problems encountered when living with a long-term disease such as vasculitis.

We offer 24 hour help either at our own Facebook site, or through our internet discussion group - Health Unlocked. Both are free to join and there you will meet others who have been diagnosed with one of the vasculitis diseases. We also have a free one-to-one telephone hotline - not quite 24 hour - which is manned by a vasculitis patient with vast experience of living with vasculitis. We are here to help, You only have to ask.

Raising awareness of the vasculitic diseases is another top priority here at the Trust, as is funding essential vascuilitis research. We are a relatively small charity but in the past few years our research grants to Birmingham University and at Addenbrookes in Cambridge have been in excess of £200,000.

Would you like to help Vasculitis UK continue with the work it is doing? If so there are a number of ways you can donate to help us meet our aims. Please see Donate for further information.

All our income comes from voluntary donations received from members, their friends and family, other supporters, fundraising events and from bequests made in memory of loved ones.

Unlike some charities there are no joining fees or annual subscriptions. Our members donate as little or as much as they feel able. We don't spend your donations on fancy offices and we operate without any paid staff, the Trust being administered by nine unpaid Trustees.

When essential operational costs are deducted, your donations will be spent on those things which are important to you, the vasculitis patient:

  • Supporting vasculitis patients and their families,
  • Raising awareness of vasculitis among the general public, medical professionals and other health professionals,
  • Funding essential vasculitis research here in the UK.

Vasculitis UK - Registered Charity No. 1019983 - since 1992

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