Support group meeting

Below you will find the contact details for Vasculitis Support Groups in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In addition there are details for contact persons in the UK and the Republic of Ireland who do not run actual Group meetings.

You can find details of forthcoming Vasculitis Support Group meetings at: Meetings


Beds, Bucks & Herts Group

Cambridge Group

Canterbury area (Contact Person)

Cheshire Support Contact


Lincolnshire Group

London Support Group

C/o Susan Mills – email Susan 

Merseyside, North Wales & Cheshire Support Group

  • Support Contacts – To Be Arranged

Norfolk Vasculitis Support Group

Norfolk – The Ring

support group in Norfolk for RA patients

North East Group

Northampton Vasculitis Support Group

  • Mel Alexander – 07884 257123 –  email Mel

Northumberland and Cumbria

North West Group

Oxfordshire Group

Plymouth Group

Solent/Portsmouth Group

Surrey Group

Swindon Group

  • Wendy, Lisa and Rob – [Sorry: we don’t currently have contact details for this group]

West Midlands Group

West Country Group

West Country Vasculitis Support website


All Yorkshire Vasculitis Support website

North and West Yorkshire Groups

  • TBA

East Yorkshire Group

South Yorkshire Social Group Contact


North Wales – Contact Person

South Wales Group

South Wales Support Group website


Edinburgh and Lothian – Contact Person

Republic of IRELAND

  • Contact Person – Joe O’Dowd – 00353 (086) 2345705 – e-mail Joe

Ireland – Vasculitis Awareness Ireland