Adapting to life with vasculitis can be a challenge which will become easier the more you know about it. Most people can cope more effectively with the changes in their lives if they understand what is happening and why.

In most cases life will be different but not necessarily worse.

Emotions, relationships and sexuality are subjects which often crop up in conversations either via the VUK helpline or in the VUK online discussion groups.

The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) has published a booklet discussing the impact that RA can have on personal relationships. This applies much the same to people with vasculitis as it does to those with RA.

NRAS have very kindly given permission to promote this high quality, very readable 100 page booklet via our website for the benefit of those who have vasculitis.

The booklet is available online or as hard copy booklet available free of charge via the NRAS website. If you do order a hard copy, please make a small donation to NRAS to cover their costs.