One of the major effects of Vasculitis discussed via the VUK helpline is Fatigue. Not just being tired but an overwhelming feeling of fatigue.

Fatigue may be severe, intermittent or persistent and can form a vicious circle, as when you suffer with fatigue you are unlikely to exercise and without exercise you can become lethargic.

Rest however is essential – it is important to ensure a balance between exercise and rest. Alternating exercise and rest, allows the body to adjust. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is time to rest. Increasing stamina slowly allows you to gain more strength and muscle tone. Remember that rest is also needed to restore your strength.

Also to follow a well balanced diet

Activities that help improve stamina yet do not cause stress to the joints and muscles are suggested, such as swimming, walking and cycling but it is always advisable to ask the advice of your consultant, your family doctor, a physiotherapist or occupational therapist regarding a new or changed exercise regime.

Gentle Exercises can be found on the NHS website, but always check with your consultant before commencing with any exercise regime.

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