Balanced lifestyle

Balanced lifestyle: You should adopt a balanced lifestyle remaining aware of your individual body’s ability. It is important to rest and not become exhausted. Resting before becoming over-tired will help maintain a steady obtainable pace and reduce the chances of requiring an enforced rest.

Rest and steady exercise: Rest and steady exercise are important components in the recovery process. These will ensure muscles remain strong and flexible.

Diet: Healthy well balanced food intake is important since too much will cause weight gain in addition to that experienced by the use of steroids.

Basic information on diet can be found at: Diet.

Information on diet is also available in most G.P.’s surgeries and also in food stores. Some forms of vasculitis or treatment require special diets and these should be discussed with a dietician. You should speak to your GP for referral to a community dietician.

Sleep, Tiredness and Fatigue: Many effects of a lack of sleep, such as feeling grumpy and not working at your best, are well known. Information on tiredness and fatigue and the effect of lack of sleep on your health can be found at: NHS Choices – Lack of Sleep.

An audio on problems sleeping can also be viewed at: NHS Choices – Sleep Problems

Diabetes: Some patients may also become diabetic. This is controllable with appropriate drugs assisted by a healthy diet.

When a diabetic patient is diagnosed with a disease requiring steroids, short-term insulin might be required to control the blood sugars.

Shingles: Some patients may be more susceptible to developing shingles. For general information about shingles, including causes, symptoms and treatment options see: NHS Choices – Shingles. The page also includes a video about shingles.

There is a vaccine for shingles but those who take immunosuppressant drugs are adviced to speak to their doctor before having this vaccine. Information on shingles vaccination for those aged 70-79 can be found at: Vaccinations

A Positive Attitude: Having a positive attitude always helps in coping with vasculitis, as does trying to maintain a cheerful disposition. Planning to achieve something each day and noting the level of activity in a diary can indicate how much improvement is being achieved on a day by day basis.

Useful hints for:

  • Congested Nose/Sinuses – Steam inhalation and nasal douched with Betnessol N nasal drops then Glycerin and Dextrose Nasal drops
  • Dry, flaky skin – Lotion or Cream, e.g. E45
  • Mouth Ulcers – Bonjela
  • Stiffness, aches and pains – warm baths with Radox or Radium B
  • Deafness – Ears can sometime be “popped” by chewing gum.