Vasculitis group meeting

There are Vasculitis Support Groups in a number of regions in the UK. If there isn’t a group in your area you might like to consider starting one. You don’t have to start big with a venue and speaker, it could be a small gathering at home or in a local pub. This is an excellent way to meet and support other vasculitis patients, and starting small is much less stressful for the organisers.

All the Support Groups mentioned in the Support Group list are autonomous in that they are not “administered” by the charity. However, it is one of the aims of the charityto help and support the Support Groups.

We, at Vasculitis UK, do our best to ensure that support group meetings are well attended by advertising them in the “Dear Diary” section in the Newsletter, the e-News, on our Facebook and Health Unlocked discussion groups, and here on our website.

For new groups the charity will advertise your endeavours by checking our main database for all members in your area and writing to them with details of the meeting. We can supply you with posters for your local hospitals/GP clinics etc, and send loads of “goodies” – balloons, pens, stick-it notes, car stickers etc. We also have a leaflet available to give you ideas about how to set up a Group.

We do not believe that anyone setting up a group should be out-of-pocket if they are willing to organise and run support group meetings. The charity can offer some financial assistance towards funding at least the initial meeting.

Why not check the Support Groups? If there isn’t a group in your area then email Zoi Anastasa to discuss setting up a group.